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ICYMI National Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for Congressional Efforts to Hold PBMs Accountable

With pharmacy benefit managers – or PBMs – facing increased scrutiny among legislators and regulators, a recent national poll finds that a majority of likely voters overwhelmingly support policies to regulate these middlemen health insurance companies and require PBMs to provide more value and lower drug costs.

The poll, conducted by the bipartisan polling team of Lake Research Partners and Bellwether Research, found that 84% of likely voters say it’s important or very important to have rules that require PBMs to provide value and lower drug costs for consumers. What’s more, respondents want elected officials to take on the issue of regulating PBMs with 73% saying it should be a high or top priority for Congress and their state legislatures, and 72% saying they are more or much more likely to vote for a candidate who supports regulating PBMs.

To see an infographic highlighting key findings, click here.


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